Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8 Spring Pops – Concord Band

March 10, 2017 Band, Concert, Music, 管樂團, 音樂

The Concord Band, conducted by Music Director James O’Dell, will present the second of its two Spring Pops Concerts on Saturday, April 8, 2017, 8:00, featuring guest artist Christine Fawson (vocalist and trumpeter). This concert is sponsored by The Concord Band. Tickets: Adults – $25, Children (under 12) – $15. Seating is at tables for four. To order tickets, go to:; call 978-897-9969; or email: For additional information about Christine Fawson. (Profile photo by Jane Akiba) PROGRAMRead More

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017, Northeastern University

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Professor Mark Lomanno to meet with his students in the class called Musical Communities of Boston. It was a class about the diverse musical traditions of Boston and Professor Lomanno wanted me to talk about the importance of music as it relates to the Chinese and Chinese American communities in the Boston area, both historically and today. This is something that I had never done or thought about before. I had noRead More

2016-11-01 Indian Hill Music Lecture

Indian Hill Music Lecture I was honored to be invited to give a music lecture at Indian Hill Music. My lecture was the first lecture of the school’s lecture series of 2016. The lecture was mainly focus on Chinese music on Tuesday, November 1, to go along with the Orchestra of Indian Hill’s performance of Tan Dun’s Contrabass Concerto “The Wolf” on November 12. When I took the lecture I didn’t know about the double bass concerto but I thoughtRead More

2016-11-29 Music Lecture at Wheaton College

Last year the GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble and I were invited by Edmund Tong and Julie Searles to Wheaton College to give a lecture/demo in the afternoon and then followed by a concert in the evening. My wife, Shin-Yi Yang, and I enjoyed very much both the lecture and the performance and last week we had such an honor to be invited back to the college and gave a lecture/demo again in their World Music Class. Most of the students wereRead More

Dec. 9 and 10, 2016, 8 PM Concord Band Holiday Pops Concerts

November 4, 2016 Band, Concert, Music, Tuba, 管樂團, 音樂

The Concord Band will present its “Holiday Pops Concerts” on Dec. 9 and 10, 2016, 8 PM, at 51 Walden/The Performing Arts Center in Concord, MA. This will be the 40th year that the Band will perform what has become an enjoyable and festive holiday tradition in the Concord area. The Band will be led by both Music Director James O’Dell and Assistant Conductor Steven Barbas. For Pops reservations, you can: On line: Visit, click on the “Select Performance”Read More

Tuesday, November 1, 2016, Indian Hill Music – Discovery Lectures

October 20, 2016 Chinese Music, Lecture, Music, 講座, 音樂

Understanding and Appreciating Chinese Music Through a Cultural and Aesthetic Perspective TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2016 at 7:00 PM Music reflects the culture of an ethnicity. The music of China has thousands of years of history behind it, and in its modern form it influences the lives of a large part of the world’s people. Through recordings and discussion, Dr. Chan will help us appreciate and understand Chinese music and how it is affected by Chinese culture. He will also talkRead More

October 22, 2016 “Suite Spots” Concord Band Fall Concert

October 15, 2016 Band, Concert, Music, 管樂團, 音樂

The Concord Band (65-member symphonic concert band based in Concord, MA) begins its 2016-17 season with its Fall Concert on Oct. 22, 2016, at 51 Walden (The Performing Arts Center in Concord, MA and the Band’s permanent home). Admission is free; donations are appreciated. Subscribe to the Band Blog to keep up to date on all the Band’s concerts and stories about the members and guest artists throughout the season.

Rhythm and Beat with Percussion Instrument

July 30, 2016 Lecture, Music, Teach

I will be giving a Rhythm and beat with percussion instrument class for the GBCCA-GCS (文協合唱團)’s Summer Retreat on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at Wellesley Free Library (530 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA)

MIT Summer Philharmonic – Symphony Fantastique

July 13, 2016 Orchestra, 古典音樂

MIT Summer Philharmonic 將於7月15日星期五晚上8點在 MIT Kresge Auditorium (48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139)舉行二十週年音樂會,音樂會上將演奏白遼士的幻想交響曲,由樂團音樂總監 George Ogata 擔任指揮,而小弟也會在音樂會中以低音號參與演出。 幻想交響曲是法國作曲家白遼士於1830年所寫的作品,當時他27歲,跟以前一般交響樂不同的是這是一首標題音樂,所謂標題音樂就是指作曲家透過音樂去表達一個故事、事件或者抒發自己內心的情感,跟傳統的交響樂比是完全相反的,故傳統交響樂又被稱作絕對音樂。 白遼士的幻想交響曲可說是標題音樂中的佼佼者!作曲家把對他一直朝思暮想的女人的情感完全表達在音樂上,從熱情的期待、恐懼、絕望到死亡等一一透過音樂充分表現出來。 樂曲共分五個樂章: 第一樂章:夢與熱情 (Rêveries – Passions) 第二樂章:一場舞會 (Un bal) 第三樂章:園林美景 (Scène aux champs) 第四樂章:斷頭台進行曲 (La marche au supplice) 第五樂章:女巫安息日的夜夢 (Songe d’une nuit de sabbat) 這首作品的一個特色是運用了固定動機 (idée fixe),就是一個音樂動機在第一樂章被帶出後便在每個樂章中再次出現,但是每次出現所呈現出的結構和感情的表達又不一樣。而另外的一個特色是大型的樂器編制,例如用了四把巴松管、兩把短號加兩把小號、用上了兩位定音鼓手和兩把ophicleide等,因為現在ophicleide這樂器已經不再是樂團標準編制裡頭的樂器所以現在已經由低音號所代替了,而小弟正是要用低音號去演奏這部分!正因為它原來並不是寫給低音號的所以這部分吹起來特別有挑戰性,雖然這次已經是小弟第四次玩這首曲子了不過還是覺得很興奮,也很期待將來會有更多的機會表演此曲或者是其他白遼士的作品! 希望到時會見到您!! 按這裡前往音樂會的Facebook Event Page  


July 10, 2016 Teach, 教學

波士頓慈濟會所將於7月17日星期日開設成人鼓樂班,這是新成立的成人暑期鼓樂班,每週三和週日晚上7時上課,為期十堂課並於8月24日舉行成果發表會,上課地點在波士頓慈濟會所,15 Summer Street, Newton, MA 02464。有意報名請與我聯絡。 (資訊如有更新會另行通知)

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